söndag 13 juli 2014

Be more you

This blog is about me relaying the best tips, tricks and life hacks I can find and verify. I focus on fitness, finance, technology (computing, AI, biotech, energy, robotics), life sciencies, philosophy and self improvement.

Stay on if you want shortcuts to being more you, living your life for you, and less of a secondhander living for the sake of others.

I've been blogging since January 2005, but due to being a portfolio manager, partner and managing director of a hedge fund I had to keep my blogging a secret and the blog private.

So, we won the award "European Hedge Fund Of The Decade, 2000-2009" in one of the most competetive and lucrative industries in the world, but I couldn't share my perspective on business, technology and life with strangers? What a waste.

Now, I have resigned* from finance and am ready to share my thinking with you. Welcome.

The reason I finally started this blog was a simple question from Mike at Danger & Play. My answer became a blog post on his site, and a friend of mine, Wysocki, encouraged me until I finally wrote this post.

The URL "AlwaysBeBruceWayne" of this blog has both serious and ironic layers to it. A popular meme goes "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then be Batman". I don't think you should be Batman. I strongly advocate you being you. As much as possible. Always. Not even if you can be Batman should you be Batman. You should be you, and this blog is about discovering a you that is even more you than the old one. Never try to be somebody else, that spot is already taken and mastered. On the other hand, there is only one you. By the way, Batman probably should be more Bruce Wayne than that miserable guy in tights.

However, as some point out, I happen to be a bit batmanesque (intelligent, fit, rich, partying and being managing director* without any real responsibilities) and I do want to save people (from stupidity, inefficiency, secondhandedness, relativity), albeit on the internet and not on the streets, so the URL still fits. Almost. Or at least it could catch an audience. And, yes, I wear a Rose Gold Hublot (45k USD) and sold my yellow Lamborghini Spyder (convertible) a month ago. Before that I had a silver Ferrari 360 Spider (convertible) that I bought from the Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

* In 2014, I resigned from all my responsibilities as a portfolio manager and sold my partner shares. However, for the time being, I stay on as the Managing Director. Since that only requires a couple of hours of work a week, I spend the rest of my 50 hours of face time studying, learning, developing, IMPROVING.

Oh, I almost forgot, I drink a lot of alcohol and watch a lot of movies and TV-series.

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