söndag 13 juli 2014

Coming topics

Coming topics:

Know yourself - partly on July 31, 2014
Know your problems
Should you reward yourself
Create a conscious life topography - partly on July 31, and 4&6&7 aug 2014
Avoid stuff, search for experiences
Don't hate. Listen and learn. - July 14, 2014
Read (and write) but never rush it
Try new things, experiment, take risks - partly on July 31, 2014
Say yes. Do things, but have the integrity to say no.
Sit less
My best blog tips
Realize you never really know anything
Dare to be quiet in negotiations
Dare to ask the same question at least three times
Recommended books
My role models (yes, including Kurzweil, Schiff and Hussman)
Stock market view - in process 15 July, 2014...
Stock portfolio recommendations
Science and scientists
Most processes are cyclical and opportunities arise when people forget that
Pod casts, pod walks - listen to TED
How to train efficiently
What to eat
Alcohol and training - touching on the topic slightly on July 31, 2014
Intermittent fasting
What to choose to do for a living
Future technology, longevity, the singularity
How to mobilize ("stretch")
How did I decide to quit as PM and partner of my hedge fund?
Was it really all luck?

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