måndag 14 juli 2014

Don't hate. Learn.

Have you watched that ridiculous guy flopping around like a spineless fish, doing kipping pull-ups and at best getting his forehead level with the bar?

Have you had a hard time concentrating on your deadlifts due to the bench presser with his ass two feet above the bench while his two friends lift the weight for him?

Have you had to bite down on your lip to refrain from a bitter remark to yourself about the quarter squats being performed next to you, not to mention the guy happily pumping away his bar-only biceps curls in the squat rack?

What about the cross-fitters? Do you silently call them names and wonder why they even bother doing burpees when they don't manage even one single push up or ever push off from the floor when they "jump"?

All the above is hating. Stop that! Stop hating!

For one, why do you let anybody else steal your focus?

Second, look, listen and learn instead. If you really can't stop yourself from looking, stop judging and try to really understand why they do what they do. Are they new? Are they simply trying to be active and have fun with some friends? Are they preparing for a competition? Are they doing something esoteric and complementary that you just don't understand?

In Ender's Game the main character studies his opponents until he understands them so well that he loves them. Learn to love what you see around you, no matter if it's in the gym or somewhere else. Be happy, study, learn - or just leave them alone. They don't concern you.

I know it's hard to love the squat-rack biceps guy, but just ask him nicely if you want the rack instead of hating. Hell, I curl there since there are so few bars and free weights at my gym, but I am always quick to give up the rack if somebody wants it.

Nobody loves the guy who both cheats and throws weights around or just drops them when he's done, but that's the owner's concern and not really yours (unless it's directly dangerous). Take the opportunity to practice focus instead and learn to ignore the sudden noise from the gorilla.

Always remember that it is not your job to educate your fellow gym members how to lift, how to get strong, what is proper technique and so on. Your job is to be happy and reach your targets.

BTW, today's visit to the gym was kind of a failure. I was supposed to do 5x5 at 115kg bench press but ended up doing 70x5,5,5,5, 90x5, 100x2 and 110x2 during my warm up and then 115x 3,3f,2f,2f,2 ('f' stands for failure, so only poor 2s and 3s today. I'm still happy with the last 2-repper anyway after two failed 2s in a row)

I also included 3 sets of light cleans after my planned workout. It's hard to say if it's a good thing to do explosive work after tiring myself with heavy bench, heavy and light standing bar rows and biceps curls, but maybe it was good for my focus.

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