onsdag 30 juli 2014


A friend called me two weeks ago and asked if I would like to come down to Ibiza, where he and a couple of friends had rented a house. Meeting with friends and being spontaneous are definitely things on my "Improve Scheme", so I booked a flight the next day.

The first day (the 21st) I just hung around the pool, trying handstands and some belly flops

One day (the 24th) we explored the surroundings and walked down to this beach on the western side of the Island for lunch and a sunset

We went out after that, because this video of the "pit" at Pacha is from early morning the 25th, at 5:22 am. Guetta started playing at 03:20

Part of the house and pool

Panorama picture of the entire house and garden

On Tuesday the 22nd we were at Pacha, I think, but this picture is from the 24th (early 25th) when Guetta played at Pacha. He started at 03:20 am.

And on the 23rd? Steaks and sausages at home. Perfectly medium rare which was incredible, considering the state of the grill

And another day (the 25th) we hung out at Chiringuito beach, Ses Salinas. I was incredibly hungover from the party at Pacha (see video higher up from the "pit" at Pacha), but after my burger and a couple of beers I was fine again
We had trouble fitting everything in the car on the way home so I stayed in the trunk of the car (pic coming)
Later on we had a house party

We had a house party on the 26th as well and this is what it looked like afterward:

compared to before:
This morning (the 27th) I missed my 7:00 am flight home, partly because of the promise of a day at the Blue Marlin, partly because taxis were hard to get at 4-5 am.
On the 27th we went to Blue Marlin again (Sundays). The first time for me. I started a little chill on the bed with some beer and rosé
My friends kicked back too

Later on, happiness got to me
Yes, that guy (me), is 42 years old and former partner
of the European Hedge Fund Of The Decade (and still its Mg Dir)

 Another bottle of rosé came later, as well as another batch of beers (24 bottles)

On the 28th we just hung out in the pool for a very long time, like 8 hours in a row. One of the guys' feet looked like this afterward

A friend just hanging out (for 8 hours, see feet above)

Things got a little crazy after I downed a bottle of gin:
So happy with my new ACLs (both knees)

Just had to throw the sofa into the pool

Held my breath for 3 minutes and 33 seconds under water (on tape, GoPro)

Everything went into the pool:


a table

Then dinner at Km5 (I think) followed by Pacha, where 2manydjs played this night, among others

When pigs fly...

and mirror ball men...

The decor and the music were WICKED!

We got home unusually early; 6:30 am, so I wasn't even in a hurry to the airport (my flight was departing at 11:25)
Once there I started to feel the costs of the long and hard week (the departure being delayed by 1 hour didn't help either):

Where we lived (on the western tip of Ibiza, marked by ink):
Some used the day time for trading in the sun while candles melted. Some of us just slept through the light part of the days. It was a quite diverse set of people, all quite fortunate (or successful if you will) materially.
I lost 3kg (7 lbs) during the week (rolling 7 day average so it hasn't troughed yet after the trip)
But this pic is taken on the first day of the trip


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