torsdag 31 juli 2014

Know yourself, be yourself

What I learned on Ibiza this summer

I am listening to the Jay Z remix of I Just Died In Your Arms over and over again, reminiscing last week on Ibiza.

Whenever a memory pops up in my mind, I smile or actually laugh out loud (or have to force myself not to). I am often acutely happy after binge drinking. Sure, I am almost always in a good mood, loving life, appreciating my station both before and after turning rich or muscular, single or paired. But still, I seldom laugh as hard as when having a “Hungover (the movie) experience” of going through yesterday’s pictures, often with the help of others.

Yes, that's a suit, a white shirt, golden cufflinks,
a Big Bang Rose Gold Hublot... and a pool
...24 hours after I missed my flight home

Alcohol in large amounts is probably bad for you (lowers testosterone, alters your state of mind), but in limited amounts (like 1 beer per 10 kilograms of body weight on a party evening = 1 beer per 22 lbs. Let’s say a “standard beer” is equal to 40cl beer with 4.5% alcohol weight) it can be enjoyable, bonding, fun, breaking barriers, encourage sex and if on a rest day not even interfere with your training. There is a lot of research on this nowadays and even a night of binge drinking only lowers your testosterone by some 30% during a full day.

However, drinking a lot and drinking every day is not good for you. You’ll get weak, confused and damage your liver as well as your cardiovascular system through inflammation in the blood vessels. My party week in Ibiza was probably detrimental to most things I represent (an improving mind in an improving body). However, it still helped me get even happier - which is the most important thing of all, I think.

So, do you need to get drunk to get high on life? No, you don’t; not if you know yourself well enough, are self-confident enough to be completely uninhibited... but it does help and at quite a small cost. I would encourage anybody to get seriously drunk a couple of times a year to see what happens and hopefully enjoy filling in the blanks the days after. If you have tendencies to violence you should NOT try this.

One important conclusion here is that it is when you sober up that you have the most fun. So, you must sober up. You must have long periods of sobriety to be healthy and create the potential for a sharp drunkedness (as opposed to the dull feeling of drinking moderately for days on end). The “problem” is that you also have to take the cost of getting crazy and creative first.

Some can do this by pure will, others are natural clowns, yet others get high on entrepreneurship or 48 hour programming sessions (I was one of them up to the age of approximately 24; maybe I still have the capacity… but drinking is easier), or just hanging out and relaxing with a group of friends (maybe playing or doing sports, or even just looking at sports). For me, I need alcohol, and an encouraging group, to get creative, crazy, clowning, testing, taking risks and do stuff that creates exciting situations and memories that we all can laugh at afterward. It also helps me getting closer to do that stuff when sober, because it actually is a much better experience to get crazy and creative sober and remember it all perfectly, and not having to take the physical cost of drinking poison.
After a pool dive that went wrong

To conclude:

If you are a little inhibited, try a couple of nights of binge drinking and just let go, be yourself, be a child, clown around. Do not be aggressive, that is just weak, stupid, unsecure and possibly conducive to addiction

Alcohol creates a natural life topography of highs and lows. First drunken action, then a hangover, then remembering what happened. Life “feels” more with fluctuations and risk than with just a flat line.

Aim for letting go when you are sober, try to create a drunken state of creativity by remembering stuff you did when you were drunk.

Be yourself to such an extreme that you almost become somebody else - and laugh with pride afterward
The end game is to be able to create and indulge in “flow” of all kinds (programming, console gaming, reading, clowning, playing...) by will, that all get you almost crazy and another person by gradually during a long time experimenting further and further out of your usual comfort zone, and then remember these episodes afterward with pride and happiness

Notice the guy on the bed in the background
PS: I still have the song on repeat..., enjoying crazy memories and feeling of flow

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