tisdag 15 juli 2014

Two tips to improve and be happy

1. Listen to NPR TED radio hour every now and then.

You don't have to do it constantly and regularly, just as you don't have to listen to every TED talk there is. Time is limited.

But when you have a spare hour, perhaps when you are cleaning or washing or take a long walk or sunbathing. Choose episodes or just go through them chronologically. There is so much wisdom and new perspective there, almost regardless of the topic. Today I listened to Three episodes: Love, Fear, Collaboration. Yesterday I listned to PCs about the multiverse and about copying. The day before that there was the Nitrogen cycle, Extrasensory perception and noise, voice, listening. One interesting story was about a color blind guy who invented and permanently implanted a color/sound converter enabling him to hear colors and views. With time his brain has adapted to the new device and he naturally both hears colors and sees Music. He also hears infrared and ultraviolet. I want to do that. And I will.

2. If you are bored or just inactive, DO something, anything. Take a walk, or if it rains look for stupid stuff on the internet to copy. It could be:

  • filming something in slow motion
  • making up a funny cat picture caption
  • balancing two forks and a coin on the rim of a cup
  • imitate Batman, the high school years

The point is to just find something simple that you could copy in between 1 minute and 1 hour. When I do it I totally get flow, focus and feel excited, creative and accomplished afterwards. Even better is if you can use that energy for something useful, something that makes the world or your life better... but copying something goofy to get going can be a good start. Try it.

 This took me about ten minutes until I got the balance right
Meaningless in itself but I had flow doing it and I'm sure my brain rewired

The best slomo part is between 0:30-0:40

1min 14s of me waking up and running the full length of my penthouse apartment, in slo mo

And remember: Be happy

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