måndag 11 augusti 2014

23 and Me - just for fun?

A couple of years ago I took 23andMe's gene test.

It's mostly for fun, but if you want to you can use it to find distant relatives (always fun for a Swede, since 25% of the population moved to the US 100-150 years ago) or check for hereditary diseases, Alzheimers etc.

E.g., I have a slightly heightened risk of developing type II diabetes, restless legs and alcohol dependence. On the other hand I have very low readings on almost everything else, such as:

Back pain
Testicular cancer
Type I diabetes

And slightly reduced risk of getting Prostate Cancer or Parkinson's

Today I found this encouraging news about HIV and Ebola resistance regarding my genome:

"very highly resistant to HIV infection"

In 5-10 years the price of mapping your entire DNA down to every single base pair will probably have fallen below the 200 USD I paid for my genome. Maybe even your insurance company will provide it to you for free (but be careful about that "offer"). Perhaps you want to wait for that, but in the meantime I think there is a lot of fun to be had with "just" the genome.

The research into genes, markers and the relation to traits and diseases has just begun and there is bound to be a lot of progress in that are long before base pair research achieve anything practical. Sooner or later however, this is where the real life hacking will take off.

By the way, I am 2.9% neanderthal.

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