måndag 18 augusti 2014

Enjoy life

I am all about hedonism, i.e., I want to have fun, feel good and be happy. I see absolutely no reason not to.

I guess that is what everybody wants. We just take different paths to get there. Some people seem to want to maximize their tangible “success” in terms of career, money and women to hopefully become happy. I take a more direct route; just going with the flow on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I aim straight for what entices me, rather than taking the roundabout way of, e.g., impressing others or maximizing my wealth.

David Cain at Raptitude markets his ambition to get better at being human. He explores the world of life hacks to become more mindful and more efficient. His focus is on happiness, living in the present and being mindful, but sometimes he wanders into the land of curing writer’s block, writing or not writing to-do lists and lately on cutting out ordinary food to free up time and become healthier.

I think his experiment and experience with DIY Soylent (liquid food replacement) deserves a shout-out.

I like ordinary food, and I am rather looking for ways to eat the highest number of fulfilling meals I can during a week than to cut them out of my life. Still, if you currently have a very busy schedule or have trouble with over or under-eating you should check out this blog post by David at Raptitude about his experiences with home-made soylent.
I, however, will continue eating at least two hot meals a day, savouring my raw, grilled or steam-boiled salmon, medium-rare grilled sirloin or rib-eye, bacon-wrapped oven-cooked chicken, home-cooked beef burgers with brie cheese, BBG-sauce and jalapeños, pork and pesto penne pasta, home-made pizza with salami, beef, rocket and mozzarella, lasagna, grilled chorizo sausages etc. I don’t want to drink ground up almonds with vanilla Whey to free up 2 hours a day. I’d rather want to spend an extra two hours a day savouring the tastes in a perfect Vietnamese spring roll with raw salmon and fresh chili and cilantro.
yes, that's me this weekend


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