måndag 11 augusti 2014

Extreme Swedish culture

I happened upon this chart today. I am always pleased to see things related to me on the extreme end of any scale, in particular if that means it's far away from "bad stuff" at the other extreme.

In this chart from Inglehart and Welzel, Sweden occupies the very top right hand corner (with Norway, Denmark and Switzerland not far off), while Iraq, Zimbabwe and Ghana take the bottom left corner.

Unfortunately, Sweden and Denmark have the world's highest taxes
E.g., if you own a TV in Sweden you need to pay a quarterly TV license fee.
When you buy a new TV the retailer reports that to the authorities
and they promptly send an invoice to you.
If you don't pay, they visit you to check if you own a TV

From Business Insider:

On the y-axis, traditional values emphasize the importance of religion, parent-child relationships, and authority, according to WVS. People who embrace these tend to reject divorce, abortion, euthanasia, and suicide. These societies usually exhibit high levels of nationalism and national pride, too. In the U.S., these values would likely align more with conservative ideologies. Oppositely, secular-rational values represent the other extreme and tend to relate to liberal ways of thinking.

On the x-axis, survival values revere economic and physical security and safety and are linked to low levels of trust and tolerance. On the other side, self-expression values give high priority to protecting the environment, promoting gender equality, and tolerating foreigners and gays and lesbians.

The chart also groups nearby countries with shared characteristics such as "Islamic" or "English Speaking," showing how much things like language and religion shape culture.

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