onsdag 20 augusti 2014

How much does it cost to own a Lamborghini

I only know how much it did cost me to own a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder (convertible), but I think it is still informative for any prospective super car buyer.

Luckily I have a penchant for saving data on a lot of things, so instead of juxtaposing a lot of guestimates, I sit on the exakt numbers. See below, but first a couple of pictures of my car:

During winter, the battery used to die

Actual sales price, first sale in July 2006: 2 120 000 SEK (308k USD)
Price drop the first 18 months: 680 000 SEK (-32%)

Price: my second-hand price, April 1, 2008: 1 440 000 SEK (208 700 USD)
Maintenance due to track racing: 184 851 SEK (27k USD; clutch, brakes, tires, re-cond etc)
Service, 30 000km = 20 000 miles: 35 895 SEK (5200 USD)
Parking, garage: 66 055 SEK (9600 USD)
Insurance: 135 263 SEK (19600 USD)
Gas, petrol: 37 676 SEK (5500 USD)

Price drop (May 21, 2014): 690 000 SEK (48% of what I paid for the car)
Sales price, gross: 750 000 SEK (109 000 USD)
Sales provision: 75 000 SEK (10% of sales price)
Sales price net: 675 000 SEK
Sales costs: 45 000 SEK (garage, insurance)
Net, net sales price: 630 000 SEK (91 437 USD, 44% of what I paid, i.e., a 56% drop)

Total cash cost 2008-2014: 1 269 740 SEK (184 287 USD; 88% of what I paid for the car)

Since I drove 13 172 km (8 186 miles) my cost per 10 km was 964 SEK, or 22.5 USD per mile. Think about that the next time you se a sports car cruise by...

However, if you would have bought the car from me directly, without middle men, you would only have paid 91 437 USD in May 2014, and your price drop over a handful of years would almost certainly be less than half of that - perhaps 10k USD per year. If you have your own garage, cheap or no insurance and don't drive on race tracks, you would only pay for gas (1/2 gallon per 10 kilometers, or 12 miles per gallon) and the occasional service and maintenance.

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  1. Good post! I've thought about buying a Ferrari on lease, but seeing that it costs a lot per mile to fuel a supercar, I may have to wait a little while. Thanks!

    1. Thanks. Just for you I wrote a post today about my experiences with Ferrari


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