onsdag 13 augusti 2014

More bang for the buck

Just in case you don't read The Economist (and I have begun to read it with less and less interest, so I'm feeling you), here is a both interesting and entertaining article about prostitution. If you for some reason can't access the article, Zerohedge has summarized it here.

ZH (always pessimistic) takes the view that deflation is affecting even the esteemable services of the world's oldest profession, but there actually is an uptick in price in 2014, albeit after several years of falling prices.

It seems the most expensive package you can buy would be a caucasian white, athletic, busty, true blonde with very long hair, in New York (or cost-of-living adjusted, Boston), that is open for several clients at once, and who swallows.

If you for some reason would want to go cheap, I guess a very fat, but flat-chested, black woman in Tokyo with short, dark hair should be your pick.

BTW, the reason ordinary prostitutes are so cheap in Tokyo, despite the general price level (PPP) being so high is that "European style services" are so much simpler and less weird than what Japanese prostitutes offer to Japanese clients.

Racist and sexist, both, they are, the johns, it seems.

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