fredag 1 augusti 2014

Once in a blue moon, I work

Just kidding, but once a month and once a year I still do work for other people.

Even though I am retired from finance (as a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and partner), I am still the (ceremonial) managing director of a billion dollar hedge fund, and as such responsible for writing monthly, semi-annual and annual reports.

Since Ibiza, my sleeping patterns have been out of whack and my brain has been almost useless mush, but today I just had to get work done: I just realized both the montly comment and half yearly report were due by mid next week.

Right after the morning meeting I got to work, and almost forced a state of flow (two long music lists with slow songs and emo music in high quality fully covering headphones helped immensely). I managed to finish the monthly comment from scratch in under 2 hours (sometimes I mull over it for 3-5 days)! And then got lunch.

After lunch I procrastinated for a while, re-booting and refreshing I call it, but then kicked myself into gear again around 2 pm. In just under three hours, including a chat session with a friend, I gathered all the data, thought out the general outline and wrote the actual text - on a Friday, in the summer time, still taken by 10 days on Ibiza! I am actually both proud and relieved, and a little spent.

That's what flow and a deadline can do!

The people around me (PMs and editors) hoped for an outline on the monthly comment by Tuesday maybe and a half-assed version of the H1 report by Thursday or Friday before lunch. I too, really.

I am not sure what to take from this experience. Not everything is useful apart from in itself. But...

Maybe you learned that I still do some work. Maybe you learned the value of music you like very much, have handpicked for a specific purpose and have listened to hundreds of times. Thus making it an effective sound veil when you want to and a source of extatic pleasure when you pay mindful attention to it. Maybe you learned I am a bragging SOB that you will take off your reading list :)

I think, however that nobody that saw me on the nightclub Pacha on Ibiza at 6 in the morning this Tuesday, and knew my way there, or my coming way home to Stockholm later that day, would have even guessed I would even be let into an office building the same week, let alone do important managerial work for a major hedge fund (top 10 in the Nordic region).

Meanwhile, stock markets tanked again today, and gold rose, both developments adding to my wealth.

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