fredag 29 augusti 2014

The (buyback) party is over

One of my stock market gurus, Albert Edwards, has recently released his updated view on the markets, what's driving them (stock buybacks), and why it's about to end. Take a look here at Zerohedge for more.

Quote: The equity bubble has disguised the mountain of net debt piling up on US corporate balance sheets (see charts below). This is hitting home now QE has ended. The end of the buyback bonanza may well prove to be decisive for this bubble. Indeed - is that a hissing I can hear?

Some other (financial) inspirational characters, that I plan to write about later are:

Kyle Bass
Jeremy Grantham
Marc Faber
Vitaliy Katsenelson
David Alan Tepper, Appaloosa
Nikolai Kondratiev
Jacob van Gelderen and Samuel de Wolff
John Hussman
Edward Chancellor
Robert Shiller
Bob Janjuah
Jim Rogers
Ray Dalio
John Mauldin
David Rosenberg
Russell Napier, CLSA
Bill Gross
Howard Marks
Harry Dent
Fred Hickey
Paul Singer
David Einhorn
Steve Keen
Gerard Minack
Lacy Hunt
Jeffrey Gundlach
Sam Zell
Peter Schiff
Chris Bailey
Dylan Grice, Edelweiss
Nicholas Nassim Taleb
JK Galbraith
Marvin Minsky

Some of them I would characterize like this:

Hedge fund managers with life hacking philosophies:
Howard marks, Oaktree (the most important thing)

Ray Dalio, Bridgewater (All Weather Portfolio)

Marc Faber, Gloom, Boom, Doom (historical perspective, Tomorrow’s Gold)

Jeremy Grantham, GMO (mean reversion, financial bubble research)

Russell Napier, CLSA (analyst, writer: Anatomy of a bear, lessons from 4 historical stock market bottoms)

Bill Gross, PIMCO

More financially focused, but still with some insights about long term/short term, pain/gain etc:
Fred Hickey (High Tech Strategist)

John Hussman (Biotech, debt, other)

John Mauldin (Thoughts from the frontline)

Steve Keen (debt watch)

David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff (Breakfast with Dave)

Vitaliy Katsenelson (inefficient markets, sideways markets)

Pure finance but might get more philosophical with time:

Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital

David Einhorn, Greenlight

David Tepper, Appaloosa


Carl Icahn

Bill Ackman

3 kommentarer:

  1. "Hedge fund managers with life hacking philosophies"

    That topic gives me a self improvement mental boner. Please write more on that and do it ASAP!

  2. Marc Faber, Jim Rodgers and all the other "stopped clock" predictors? Respectfully; Can you be serious? These guys are consistently wrong about the markets, all they bleat is the mantra "The market's gonna crash" - for Years and Years. Con Men. A stopped clock prediction is not really a prediction.

    1. You shouldn't listen to the predictions or advice. Listen to the information, the logic and draw your own conclusions about direction and timing.