lördag 20 september 2014

Always go to the gym

I met Ludvig from SGM yesterday.

The plan was to talk about an hour about blogs, structured thinking etc, but we both got inspired by the topics at hand, the weather, the champagne and each other's company. Just walking through the apartment took more than an hour, since we got stuck in the library, going over my books and exchanging recommendations.

Between 12 noon and around 12 midnight we had champagne on the roof (3 bottles) and then various drinks. Some friends of his stopped by around 6 pm, and we shot a video of us four talking about all kinds of things (i.e., I don't remember)

on my roof yesterday

For obvious reasons, I wasn't exactly feeling like going to the gym today, but some habits are hard to break. I simply always train on Saturdays, no matter what, and thus today too.

I thought about quitting early (the exercise, the entire workout) - several times - due to weakness, nausea and just general laziness. However, everytime I thought "no more", I took it as "more" and added exercises and sets, and shortened my rest periods etc. It turned out to be an excellent workout., even if I got seriously hungover afterward.


1. Always go to the gym, when you are supposed to; just go there, change and start walking on the treadmill, then increase the speed by small increments, then start lifting an empty bar, then add some weights and just keep going from exercise to exercise. Don't think about the entire workout or about being tired, just make the next step/rep. Don't give up before you actually have to
2. For me, the brain's trouble thinking no" or "not" works in my favour in the gym. When I think "I will not continue" or "I will not lift anymore", I end up continuing and lifting more.
3. Make time for chance encounters - yesterday was so much more valuable and memorable than just another Friday would have been, even if it meant missing a day of fasting as well as a suboptimal workout.
4. Remember that there are benefits to working out when tired, hungover, dehydrated etc. It builds character, it trains the brain's adenosine tolerance. If you can lift when suboptimal, you can lift a least as much when optimal.

From today's workout, 12 hours after finishing my last drink, after drinking for 12 hours:

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  1. It's always an eye-opener to be around "peak performers" like yourself & Ludvig.

    Although I know I should go to the gym more regularly, it's one of those where you'll find other "important things" to do besides. Whilst I admit those "important" things are either rewriting software, or coming up with ideas, you cannot ignore the fundamental essence of the gym's consistency & tendency towards incremental growth.

    Do you have any advice as to what you should do in the gym? Anything you should be looking for? IE does it matter if you are engaged with weight lifting, or with cardio? Should you set any specific goals, or just go to "unwind" / reach a particular goal?

    Looking forward to reading more posts!!

    1. There is a post on this now. Here is the gist of it:

      If you are pressed on time, just read this: unwinding is enough, goals are just for those who want to reach them (know yourself) and not necessarily better. To be healthy, various forms av light cardio and mobility are enough. If you do only weight lifting you are probably doing too little cardio, but just adding a few minutes of high intensity intervals a week would be enough. If you want more out of training, it's just that - you wanting more - but not necessary or much healthier, albeit probably a little better, at least for old people.

  2. Haha thats a real killer picture of you on the roof. Definitely a 'Herculian Pose' :)

    And that's some very good benchpress, it makes me jealous to be quite honest. How long have you been working out? Your commitment to the iron is inspiring!

    I am considering starting to work out in the gym too and when I see stuff from you and others I think i might really do it!

    / George

    1. Thanks George!

      If you are the least interested, just go to any gym just once and check out the premises as a guest, a free trial. Ask somebody for advice on the five big compound lifts and just try them with an empty bar. Or just go for the bench press right away and try to copy me (still with only the bar).

      Chances are you will like it. And if you continue, you will get stronger, healthier, more energetic

      I still consider myself a beginner in the gym. I may write a post about why. However I first started lifting weights in 1984 after seeing Rocky IV with Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone. So, 30 years is the answer, with pathetic results, considering...

  3. Sounds awesome, wish i lived in Sweden and could join you!