tisdag 16 september 2014

How to write a good post

Why can't I write posts like this one on Tynan's blog?
-It is short, succinct, clear, positive and practical. It basically tells you to do what others don't have the willpower or stamina to go through with, in order to get ahead in life.
I particularly like the advice to become a T person, i.e., to become very good at a few things and 'not bad' at a hundred skills (check out my 1/50 rule), whereas most people are content being mediocre at a handful of things and (admittedly, very few) suboptimize by being masters, or, even worse, fail at being masters, at just one.
The other stuff is also good; be nice, work hard (or smart), connect and don't quit. Sure, some of the advice is the opposite of what I usually say, but it can still be good, if success is more important than happiness.
Perhaps I should put some more effort into my posts rather than just write straight from the heart... But, then again, no, my blog is good enough for me and that is what counts.

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