tisdag 30 september 2014

No country for young men

Are you younger than 25? Then, be sure to check out Raptitude today, for some straightforward tips on how to become an adult in this brave new world of ours. In short, be a man, not a pig. Try to behave, reason and build value, even if biology, history and your clueless peers have taught you otherwise.

Among some of the wisdom David shares, the following stand out I think:

Forget the word “virgin,” as a descriptor for both yourself and others. It’s an archaic, irrelevant word, meant to stigmatize and shame people. It oversells a person’s first sex act as some grand, transformational experience, which supposedly vindicates a young man and spoils a young woman. It’s an obsolete, religious, judgmental word. Let’s leave it behind.

Failing to “fit in” in school is a good thing. It means there’s some element of individuality in you that will not be squashed.
Get good grades and make some friends, but don’t worry about being cool. 

If there’s a real secret to “seduction,” here it is: Always be building a life that turns you on, represent yourself as honestly and straightforwardly as you can, and have conversations with a lot of people. That’s it. Connections will happen.

And, the root of evil is men's capacity for violence:

At the root of it all is our [men's] lingering capacity for violence — the unfortunate biological reality that even a physically unremarkable man can knock out the average woman
Unlike the woman, the man could expect to get his way without having an intelligent argument, without considering the needs of others, without being right at all, without any sensible reason for things to go his way.

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