måndag 15 september 2014


I have never really thought about why I like to travel. It has simply felt right, like milestones in my life; in the same way celebrating anniversaries or other significant events does.

Sure, the first thing that comes to mind when asked about a certain year, is where I went, what parties I attended and perhaps if I was injured, won something, began something, finished something etc. It is obvious, once pointed out to you, that travelling carries a novelty that the brain likes in the moment and thus stores for the future. Novelty and strong emotions act as counterweights to the otherwise increasing familiarization and routinization of life, that makes the years seem to go by faster and faster.

David at Raptitude explains why travelling is good for you, and how it ties into mindfulness and slowing down the perception of time:

"When you wake up staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, with unfamiliar sounds in the background, and no routines to lean on, the day has a lot more question marks, and they demand conscious thinking and decision making"

Read his entire post here.

Regarding travel and memorable things, read this fantastic post about travelling in Iraq by Wait But Why. I'm sure he will remember the summer of 2014 vividly.

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