torsdag 23 oktober 2014

I am preparing myself for the arrival of black swans

Here's a secret for you: I don't have it all figured out

I don't think any self-dev blogger has it all figured out. Most of them (or us) probably have even less control over life than you do. That might actually be the number one reason we keep writing daily blog posts about how do be efficient or effective or passionate or happy or healthy or impressive... We simply don't have the answers so we try them out on you.

I do realize I have certain "objective" credentials, a life CV so to speak:

  • With my almost 43 years, of which 25 immersed in finance (if I count the 4 years at business school), and most of my life curiously experimenting, I am considered experienced.
  • With my track record of about two handfuls of awards in finance and natural sciences (have I mentioned when I aced the organic chemistry test for the chemical olympics and became honorary member of Sweden's Chemistry Association?), as well the wealth I accumulated during my career, I am considered successful.
  • By retiring at my age, I am considered having cred.
  • Certain personal details and experiences, in combination with the previous mentions, strengthen the picture of me as someone with a grip on life, e.g. 1) having studied three different martial arts, can do the side split, and emerged victorious from all street fights but one; 2) not just climbing to the summit of Aconcagua but staying there for two full hours including stripping at the top; 3) my super cars, gold Hublot, penthouse; 4) My zen-inspired focus on mindfulness

The Ultimate Black Swan

Given the above, I can understand why it superficially seems as if I am in perfect control, and I appear to have a carefully thought out system for living my life efficiently and productively. However, if you have read more than a handful of my posts here, you know better than that. It should be obvious that rather than being complete...:

  • Sometimes I am really lost... and...
  • I am searching
  • I am learning
  • I am growing

However, what I do do that not everybody does is:

  • I think about my experiences; what they can teach me about the world and about me
  • I write it all down, warts and all, for your benefit
  • I don't pretend to have the final answer - quite the opposite
  • I am constantly prepared to realize that I really never knew anything. You can say I am trying to prepare myself for spotting the ultimate black swan. The process entails knowing myself as well as possible
I think most people actively try to avoid discovering such odd-colored poultry. They'd rather find a simple truth and a simple solution and either peddle it on their web site or just gobble it up and adhere to it blindly. That's why the tabloids look the way the do. The last thing most people want is to find out the world isn't flat or the earth is moving around a nuclear fusion plant or that the darkest little square inch of the sky is actually brimming with thousands and thousands of galaxies with several hundred billion solar systems in each.

THAT is where I come in; disguised as an experienced and succesful know-it-all guy, I can be your look-out for new findings and new answers. I'm doing it for myself anyway, but the more the merrier so please come along.

By the way, fill in your e-mail address under "Subscribe" at the top right and press "YES, please" and you'll get automatic e-mails whenever I write a new post here. You never know when that black swan might manifest itself. And, no, I don't send spam.

Oh, perhaps I should finish off with some advice:
  • Know you don't know the world
  • Know you don't know yourself
  • Be prepared to relearn everything

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