lördag 25 oktober 2014

I'd rather be happy than rich (okay, I'm BOTH, but hypothetically)

I'd rather be happy than rich or healthy. How about you?

If missing that extra income or eating unhealthy food, or being hungover means I can prioritize something that makes me happy, that's where I'll go.

Sure, I'm all for creating productive habits, watching them become you and take care of themselves unconsciously. But if it doesn't work, I wouldn't keep pushing myself, being miserable only to achieve som second-hander goal of being rich, famous, glorious, immortal or whatever. Give me happy and I'll take fat and poor and extra helpings too.

What about you? have you thought about what it is you really want, what makes you tick?

Note: often, being healthy and productive makes you both happy and rich, but remember to keep your eye on the prize. And the prize is being happy, not living somebody else's life.

Some rich people meet royalty, drive sports cars, test drive helicopters and yachts, wear ridiculously expensive watches, go to champagne spray parties -  and seem to have so much fun. Isn't that proof money buys happiness?

No, what they are really doing (I know, because I have done all those things) is trying out stuff to try to be happy. A champagne bottle is just a water pistol, a sports car or a speedboat is a rollercoaster, watches are to get the attention they never got as children.

OK, to be fair, some are probably simply having fun, and when money is no object you can just as well buy your own fun wherever you are; No need to go to Disneland if you own a Lamborghini. Why buy a cheap watch when the money has to be spent anyway... and the service is soooo good?

But don't stress your life or your economy to copy the 1%. That won't make you happy, only stressed and miserable.

When the truly rich spray each other with several cases of vintage champagne, it's like when ordinary people splash water at each other in the pool. The rich are not checking anxiously that people notice them when they order a magnum champagne with fireworks - like you do. They order four at a time just to make sure there is some at the table all the time - for convenience. If a couple of bottles are left when they leave, they couldn't care less than you would if there's still water in the pool when you get up.

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  1. Karl, you should get a domain with Wordpress blogging infrastructure. It's astonishing how under-looked your material is.

    "No, what they are really doing (I know, because I have done all those things) is trying out stuff to try to be happy. A champagne bottle is just a water pistol, a sports car or a speedboat is a rollercoaster, watches are to get the attention they never got as CHILDREN." Spot on.

    There is definitely a difference between $30,000 millionaires and the truly rich, whereas the rich are discrete in public, they often splurge in private; however, impersonators posing as the rich will generally blow money so that other people can witness it. Think buying overpriced cars and tables at night clubs, or people sharing vapid and superficial information on their social media sites. Often these impersonators' wealth will dwindle by the second.

    For me happiness is defined by the progress of overcoming struggle from trough to peak. The more the displacement, the more the happiness and confidence gained.

    1. Hi Kyle and thanks for keep reading my "diary"

      I will (check mikaelsyding.com for a preview. My real site will appear there not too far in the future. I have sprezzaturian.com as well)

      gselevator once said something insightful on the topic: "If you post a pic of yourself flying private/first class/..., it's your first time and you expect it to be your last."

  2. I think I've read somewhere you need about 5000 net a month to be the happiest. Just looked it up; (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happiness_economics)

    "In 2010, Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton found that higher earners generally reported better life satisfaction, but people's day-to-day emotional well-being only rose with earnings until a threshold annual income of $75,000.[13]"

    6125 a month. Then you hit a threshold.

    You have an interesting life Mikael + you continuously expand my vocabulary. Totally agree with Kyle.

    Take care,

    1. I think crude measures of income related to happiness don't tell enough of the relevant story.

      I definitely agree that money won't buy you happiness... UNLESS you know exactly what you want to do with the money. If you do, more IS better. Imaginte you really want to make the world a better place, like Bill Gates, then not even his wealth is enough. He actually would be happier if he had even more to spend on eradicating malaria and so on.

      However, if you are just the average person without a philosophical inclination, then earning over 6250 USD/month is meaningless. Buying a 100m USD yacht, e.g., probably just makes you less happy.

    2. Ah like that - I see.

      Do you have a philosophical inclination Mikael ?

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