söndag 12 oktober 2014

Lateral thinking: Reader's Digest

I apologize for my last post. Don't feel bad for not reading it. Here is a summary instead.

How to succeed in life and be happy. How to find your strengths as well as your preferences:

Mindfully, try a lot of different stuff when you are young. Then narrow down your search range with age, and focus on areas that are 'natural' to you. With natural I mean those that (as your experience now has shown you) play to a productive and enjoyable combination of your strenghts, your preferences and their objective worth to others.

But, even when you have chosen a couple of focus skills, remember to add some elements of chaos, e.g., combining unexpected disciplines or activities, to stimulate creative thinking and new solutions. It will make you both more productive and happy.

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  1. Hey,

    I heard about you from my friend Ludvig, and have read through your blog for the past month.

    Just wanted to say, keep up the great work. I find your posts very useful since I'm a young guy and trying to find my direction in life.

    - Oskar

    1. Thank you; much appreciated. More is coming :)

  2. Hi,

    It took me a while to read your previous post and I can say it was definitely worth my time. I like a lot what you advised (in the post and the rest of your blog).

    Thank You,

    1. Thank you Fernanda, for taking the time to read it. I really appreciate you telling me about it, not many make that effort,... so once again, thank you. I'll try to write shorter posts that are easier to read and more to the point in the future. The funny thing is it takes so much more effort to write concisely than long-winded

      PS: I'm glad you enjoyed the post as well