lördag 25 oktober 2014

Update from my latest podwalks - and some rare footage of me from the mid 90's

My latest two podwalks (yesterday and today) both took 2 hours each. I wanted to combine moving and learning with freezing slightly, so yesterday I only wore a t-shirt and a light rain jacket and no gloves. Today I chose just a t-shirt (no sweater, no jacket, no scarf) but did wear gloves. I was prepared for getting quite cold but actually wasn't cold at all. My brown fat seems to be working well already.

I don't have that much to report from the podcasts per se. I just wanted to give you an impulse to get out there, walking and listening. Anything new you pay attention to today is beneficial for your future brain capacity.

Here are the shortest notes possible from some of the podcasts:

Christianity brought linear time, going from creation to doomsday, instead of the circular concept of time that's common in earlier religions. There is a debate going on among scientists and philosophers whether time exists in itself or if it's just a construct to organize movement. Unresolved.

Brain Science discussed a recent book about mirror neurons. They exist in primates and one experiment suggest they exist in human brains too. However, there is no evidence of mirror neurons explaining speech or empathy e.g. - ideas that have been carelessly promoted and spread without the research to back them up. The most interesting tidbits from the show were: "If you think you have a new idea you just haven't read enough", "Check established truths; go back to the original source and see what it actually said". Scientists are often sloppier than you might think.

Brian Cox - boy band idol (D:Ream) and superstar quantum physicist. Cox believes in the Many Worlds interpretation whereas one of his best friends believes on the Schrödinger cat interpretation. Cox also succinctly explains that Quantum Mechanics is about calculating the probability that a particle moves from point A to point B given certain variables (mass, charge etc)

And this is what I did when Cox was playing at the Top of the Pops:

Man O Man

Singled Out

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