måndag 24 november 2014

7 reasons to deal aggressively with TRILLIONS of photos and other useless memorabilia

1 000 000 000 000 photos a year - for what?

Around a trillion photos are estimated to be taken in 2014. If you are anything like me you are responsible for several thousand of those.

Not only are billions of superfluous and unnecessary pictures taken every day, they are stored and backed up as well. Most should never have existed at all, let alone keep hogging digital space.

I use Memopal (and Google) for backing up important files, including pictures, but I'm constantly close to capacity due to pictures I will most likely never look at. Not only do they eat paid-for space, they also make it difficult to locate the actually important items.

Are you wasting space on vinyl records? CDs? VHS cassettes?!

Digital pictures are one thing, but what about physical products? The average living space per person in the US has doubled in 40 years. Meanwhile, the storage business has exploded, because everybody is hanging on to so much more useless stuff.

Should you hang on to memorabilia? What is it really worth if you never look at it but simply keep "just in case"? Hint: nothing.

I am acutely aware of these issues now that I'm cleaning out the office for good. Today, e.g., I collected two books on valuation and macroeconomics, as well as took stock of the fund's prize cabinet.

The picture below shows me posing with a few of the hedge fund awards. Right now, I definitely want to keep those. They represent the pinnacle of my career - and I find them quite beautiful as well. They can definitely hold their own in a book case.

Time to look forward instead of backward?

But, where do you draw the line for what to keep? Your notebooks from school? Your drawings from kindergarten, like this one? (I hadn't yet figured out how to draw a person realistically - I thought I had to start with the skeleton but didn't know how to hide it when I proceeded with the skin and clothes)

I'm glad I've kept that one, but I'm also pleased I've thrown away many more, that I now don't miss at all.

Throw things away everyday

I think you should try to get rid of something everyday. Everytime you think of going shopping, do the opposite and rummage through your things until you find something to give or throw away. Alternatively, a tip I read about the other day, put what you haven't used for a year in boxes and mark them by date. After three years, throw them away without opening - unless you actually remember and want to keep what is in the boxes.

That leads to today's list of Reasons To Declutter Aggressively:
  1. You don't miss what you don't remember
  2. Your focus should be on the present (or possibly the future), not the past
  3. You save money on storage, both digital and physical
  4. You waste less energy thinking about or worrying over dead objects
  5. It's easier to keep the house clean
  6. A decluttered house frees up your mind
  7. And most important of all, focus on your experiences instead of the documentation

8 kommentarer:

  1. What were the titles of the two books that you collected?

    1. Textbooks from school, Finance:

      1) "Principles of corporate finance" by Brealey & Myers
      2) "Macroeconomics" by Dornbusch & Fischer

  2. Hello,

    Sorry, but this is unrelated to the topic. In prior posts you have mentioned consuming between a litre and a gallon of milk after your workouts on training days. I had done something similar by adding GOMAD (Gallon Ofwhole 3.25% Milk A Day) to my strength training diet. It allowed me to progress from a squat of 225 lbs to 375 lbs in 6 months, but also made me pretty fat.

    Once I finish dieting down to 8%bf (around 11% at the moment) I will switch over to leangains like you are on. I was wondering what percent milk you drink (I have read from leangains that one must try to keep the fat, especially saturated, down on training days, so whole milk would be less desirable in that regard even though it is great for building strength) and how much milk do you drink? Lastly, I used to breakout in lots of acne while on GOMAD. Do you have the same problem or is limiting the milk to just training days along with a lower quantity/percentage enough to avoid acne for you?


    1. Hi Donald,

      I didn't experience increased acne problems from drinking milk.

      Between 2009-2011 I went from just below 80kg to just above 100kg bodyweight (174 lbs - 221 lbs). During that time I consumed 3 litres of 3% fat milk per day, usually 2L=1/2 gallon right after my workouts.

      Today my BW is right at 200 lbs and I typically consume 3L = 3/4 gallon per day, typically 2L after practice and 1L spread out during the day (coffee, porridge, protein drinks). I stick to low fat 0.5% fat milk these days since my blod fat levels and VO2 Max deteriorated alarmingly during the 2009-2011 stint of whole milk binge drinking.

      Occasionally I gulp down 4L=1 gallon of milk after a workout, before eating anything else, albeit over the course of a couple of hours rather than within the first 30 minutes after my last work set.

      Nowadays, when I drink more fatty milk than 0.5%, I drink non-homogenised milk, i.e., milk where the fat hasn't been processed. That kind needs shaking before drinking but in return the fat doesn't deposit inside your arteries.

      Regarding acne in general, 2 months ago I stopped washing my face with anything else than water (in order to leave my natural bacteria culture alone). It has made my skin more resilient, so e.g. this Saturday's binge drinking (alcohol) did not produce my typical post-drinking breakout.

    2. Thanks for you reply! I am relieved to learn that milk is still an option for me on leangains. I used to look forward to my gallon of whole milk more than anything else, so delicious (though I would usually drink half during my workouts rather than after. This will have to change on leangains).

      We don't have 0.5% in Canada, just skim (0%), 1%, 2%, and 3.25%. It is very hard to find non-homo milk and almost impossible to find raw milk (outlawed here), whereas I see there are now even vending machines in Europe that sell raw milk. Nice!

      I think my initial plan will be to stick with 2L of 1% milk post-workout and then adjust from there. I am also worried about the dangers of homo milk, so if I ever use whole I'll try to find non-homo. Is there any planning to when you drink fattier milk (ie. on rest or training days?) or is it simply an occasional fun treat with minimal impact on your diet?


    3. I don't think the difference between 0-2% is all that important. Okay, 2% might be on the high side if you actually drink the full gallon.

      I typically consume 100-120g of fat a day, and getting 80g from milk alone could constrain the rest of my food intake.

      On the other hand, I typically eat 100g of peanuts a day so it's pretty easy to regulate my total amount of fat by cutting there.

      I don't have a strategy for when I drink 0.5% or 1.5%, I think they taste equally good and I think the fat difference is inconsequential. it's more a question of availability in the store.

  3. That was exactly what I was thinking after reading the details of the leangains plan. The fat from a gallon of 3.25% alone would exceed my calculated total training day fat allowance, at 128g of fat. Right now I'm just happy that I can even get good results with 1% after reading your progress. Maybe a litre of whole here and there on special occasions :)

    I love the site and am glad to know there is another GOMADer out there succeeding. I have only met one other full gallon drinker in Canada, and he had retired from it. Thanks again!