fredag 26 december 2014

10 questions on Batman. Have you made your choice yet; Costanza or Batman?

Who will you be in 2015?

Costanza - the eponymous procrastinator and fat slacking artist from the Seinfeldt show


Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman - multi faceted, focused and serious doer, who takes athleticism to a new level

George Costanza once barricaded himself in his employer's basement office to avoid being fired. When he was locked out, he broke himself into the office through the ventilation system (he risked being fired if he wasn't present to answer his phone). Costanza has given indulgence and shame an obese and neurotic personification.

George Costanza - or you?
George Costanza Offers Advice on Middle East Conflict

Costanza always acts in his own very short term interest, with no regard to the consequences. He is a lying, lazy, self-absorbed glutton; he is over-confident, a general disgrace to humanity and of course very, very funny.

Will Costanza be your guiding light for 2015?

Will you ask yourself what Costanza would do (as if he would ever stop for one second to give a matter a second thought - except maybe how to avoid actual productive work) when making decisions regarding, e.g:
  • What to eat, how much and when
  • Whether to go to the gym or postpone it (forever)
  • If you should add an extra rep and/or 5 pounds to all sets compared to last workout or just take it easy today; give yourself a break - at least you are at the gym
  • Whether to watch just one more episode of Modern Family or do something productive (Batman wouldn't even watch the one episode, let alone "just one more")
  • Study something useful or go to great lengths to trick yourself into food coupons or a student loan

Or will you in all situations ask yourself what Batman would do?
  • Would Batman have dessert? Bread?
  • Would Batman eat real vegetables or cheap vitamin pills?
  • Would Batman skip gym?
  • Would Batman Study until he understood for real, or just try to cram some facts short term?
  • Would Batman read "50 shades of grey" or "Gödel Escher Bach"?
  • Would Batman speculate on the stock exchange? Would he buy penny stocks?
  • Would Batman get a mortgage just because the interest is low right now?
  • Would Batman skip one more rep?
  • Would Batman go for the beautiful and sexy blonde bimbo or the accomplished woman
  • Would Batman skip mobility exercises?

What would Batman do?

I know which choice will get you ahead in life and which will hold you back and make you miserable and intolerable. The sooner you decide to Choose Batman, the earlier you can indulge without shame later in life (that is... if you still want to kick back by then)

And finally..., would Batman do this(Alright, he wouldn't, but no harm, no foul. Maybe he should try to live laterally and sometimes be more than just a dark voice and über-serious vigilante)

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