måndag 29 december 2014

2 important vows for 2015 - and armpit bacteria in the face

Do you want to look younger, reduce injuries and pain, waste less time, be healthier, and stop the feeling your years are rushing by?

Here's how:

    Do you usually make new year's resolutions, or are you "above" such gimmickery? I recommend you rethink and consider these 2 ideas:

  • Make 2015 memorable
    • Make sure you experience things in the coming year that will make you remember what you did in 2015 forever
    • Make sure you instantly have an answer for the question "What did you do in 2015?"
      • What did you do in 2014? Hurry up; you only have a couple of days left to fill your quota for the year. 
      • Strong experiences and feeling create memory milestones and take up more brain space. That makes your life seem longer and fuller in retrospect, rather than having rushed by faster and faster. Check out more brain science at this podcast.
  • Stretch your psoas, doing the couch stretch regularly (at least 5 minutes a month, but 2 minutes a day is better)
    • If you only do one mobility exercise, just hit the psoas regularly
      • You'll walk more youthfully and with power, balance and confidence
      • You'll preempt slouching and even hernias and possibly reduce any Restless Legs syndrome you might have

and as an added bonus (too small and easy for a resolution; just try it anyway):

Let bacteria take over your face
Did you read my post about research on rubbing armpit bacteria in the face and not using anything other than water to wash your face? It's alright, you can do it after this.

I stopped washing my face on October 1, 2014. Since then I've only used water instead of various gels, scrubs and soap (!). I got the idea here and decided to try it. Actually, sometimes I even grab some armpit bacteria (as in the clinical trial) and rub them in my face, before rinsing with water.

Three months later I couldn't be happier with my decision. My skin looks and feel healthy and resilient. I don't get outbreaks from binge drinking and junk food. I feel safe in not having to always splash water on the after getting up and before going to bed (pre-October I washed and scrubbed thoroughly twice a day [three times daily on gym days]). And if I'm to believe the scientists my skin looks much better in a microscope than before (the face equivalent of having a body that looks good naked)


My strongest memories from 2014 might make you remember to forward the address to this post, or talk a friend (or enemy) into subscribing

Adopting a 7 year old stressed out and neglected German Shepherd-Doberman-Grand Danois dog (the trial started 9 days ago)

Snowboarding naked (a.k.a. cock in a sock gate) down Sweden's most visited black ski slope in Åre

I think it's the embodiment of sprezzatura,
but my friend and mentor Ludvig at SGM wishes I would stop posting pics like this

Making national TV news with a rhubarb umbrella at the year's largest political summit (the headline below with a picture of me says "Record number of visitors")

Yes, that's a bottle of Italian sparkling wine
in my hand around lunch time

I retired from managing money as a hedge fund manager

I also stopped eating land living meat after being a super consumer of beef

Stuff that didn't make the list of things I'll remember forever:

Selling my Lamborghini

Dressing as Pussy Riot

6 kommentarer:

  1. Stretch your psoas... oh my, that hurt. I will try again tomorrow :)

    1. Nice to hear you tried it :)

      Don't make it too painful; just do it regularly

  2. That armpit bacteria, not using soap/gels on your face is great idea.
    I do the same but without that armpit thing, but i will try it.
    Its maybe offtopic, but when i stop using creams for acne, gels, soap, and using only water my face is better than ever, so i believe that you experience the same effect.
    Btw keep going with this blog, i like your articles and your view on things!

  3. Tried the psoas stretch... ouch! Will keep at it though.

    1. Good. Try to find a frequency you can stick to.

      In your 20s just a good 5-6 minutes a month should keep old age away. Then double the amount every ten years or so, until you do it for a couple of minutes every day - maybe even twice a day in your 70s and onward (2*2*30=120 minutes/month)

      However, there is nothing wrong in doing it for 4 minutes every day from the beginning. It's just that it can be difficult to stick to. I mean, it's not the only habit you have... ;)