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Here are my 10 most popular, i.e. most clicked articles, since I started this blog in July 2014. They are pretty interesting, useful or important, but hardly my best articles.

This one about how much I spent on a Midas yellow Lamborghini convertible over the course of 6 years, is the most read article I have posted. Sad, really. Sure, it's instructive and detailed, not to mention the pretty pictures, but come on, isn't taking care of yourself and being happy, or investing intelligently more important?

At place nr 8 we find the follow-up article on my Ferrari convertible that I bought from a Swedish soccer player. I'm speechless regarding what's interesting, but I guess I should be glad it didn't beat the page about artificial intelligence that made it to 6th place.

On second place is an important post about passion, education and career choice. Most people, probably you too, aren't passionate and thus would be ill-adviced to follow their passion.

Don't gamble your life on being nerdily masterly on just one thing, is the message on 3rd place (very good advice. Read it!). Invest 1% of your time to achieve half of what the masters do - but on dozens and dozens of skills.

The very short article about working out hungover reached a surprisingly large audience (4th place). It can be inspiring to see an old guy drink alcohol like there is no tomorrow, and then actually head to the gym the following day.

On spot nr 5 is one of my signature posts - about the importance of sprezzatura - setting an example as a happy camper,. I'v accomplished a lot, but my biggest success is being happy and perhaps making everything I do look so easy.

Artificial intelligence is the defining factor of our time; will it end humanity or enhance it? No matter which, it is coming. The post on 6th place is immensely important and I'm glad it's finding a few readers, despite being just slightly technical.

Number 7 is about preparing for the future, making yourself change resistant and AI prepared. I like it. Nr 9 might have some value for a beginner at the gym (it will never get earlier than now to ask for advice). Nr 10 asks you to stop repeating and sharing empty quotes by cool or historical people (or even worse: gym slogans) unless you have thought hard about the message and if you actually do agree fully and completely. The article on 11th place goes through some basics in stock valuation, using Amazon as an example. It's actually pretty good if you're into the stock market.

The top ten most clicked articles in 2014:
    1. one of my cars was expensive
    1. follow your passion - IF you happen to have one (most people don't)
    1. maximize life by being good enough on a lot and trying enough until you find what's really worth a damn
    1. how to get started
    1. making hard look easy - my motto
    1. AI is coming
    1. Prepare for the future, it might be longer than you think
    1. another expensive car - bought from Zlatan Ibrahimovich
    1. gym etiquette
    1. trust no one
    1. some practical stock market valuation tips

My personal 17 favorites

What follows are my 17 favorite articles in addition to the popular ones.

First, my first article of course; the one that set it all in motion. It's about  knowing yourself  and being yourself - my main theme throughout the site. Without that you are nothing.

The other 16 favorite articles out of 128 (In just five months I've listed 28 out of 128 that are either popular or that I really like... just a bit narcissistic)

Without ranking:

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